Recording Technology of DemoRecorder®

DemoRecorder provides the equivalent of very high frame rates ...
... while its CPU usage is surprisingly low.*

Most screen recorders just take a series of screenshots and compress them on the fly for storage. This simple approach limits the achievable framerate and uses a lot of CPU especially for high frame rates and large recording areas.

So, with traditional screen recorders, you may not get a smooth video or the recorder hogs your CPU so that the applications which you want to record are slowed down. And you have to know the frame-rate of your target format before starting to record your video.

Our frameless recording technology solves all these problems. It records all changes on the screen with a timestamp resolution of one microsecond. This is equivalent to a frame rate of one million frames per second.

Typical CPU usage during recording is between 3% (or less) and about 25% and this CPU usage is almost independend of the size of the recording area. This includes CPU-usage for sound-recording from microphone.

This leaves plenty of CPU power for the applications which you are recording.

I invite you to test it for yourself by

DemoRecorder gives you Flexibility in Exporting to Different Frame Rates
Without any Compromise in Quality.

You may ask yourself what is the benefit of a frame rate of one million frames per second?

Well, unless you want to create super-slow-motion video, you won't really need one million frames per second directly.

But there is another benefit:

Such a high time-resolution gives you the freedom to choose any frame rate of your choice when exporting the video to one of your desired target formats without any compromise in quality. (Other products which do the recording in comparably low framerates may show aliasing or blurring effects if the recording frame rate does not match the exporting frame rate).


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* This low CPU-Usage does not apply when OpenGL/GLX is used or for animations which are composed of a quick succession of images.

OpenGL currently uses Software-emulation with Mesa, but we started a project to support OpenGL natively which will provide the advantages of our frameless recording technology for OpenGL applications as well.

We are also working on optimizing the performance for a lot of PutImage-Operations which will improve the performance for animations.

Any progress in these two projects will be announed in our newsletter.

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Training of users is expensive ...
        if you do it manually
again and again.

You can save a whole lot of money ...
... if you do it once and record it
so your users can watch it again and again
--> without you lifting a finger
--> and without spending any more money.
DemoRecorder in the Media

A comparison of screencasting apps for Linux (including DemoRecorder)
(first published in Linux Format Magazine, issue July 2009.)

Interview on the Linux Link Tech Show. Please select Episode 154.

DemoRecorder featured in Linux-User Magazine (in German)

Your video can contain sound narration recorded from microphone.
View and listen to the example.

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