"DemoRecorder - A screen recorder for Linux"

DemoRecorder is a screen-recorder for Linux covering a wide area of use-cases such as
DemoRecorder is a niche product for high-end corporate customers who need professional support and the possibility to order implementation of additional features or help with integration in their systems. So I am partly in the project business. DemoRecorder is not a mass market, low-priced product. Never was and probably never will be.

If you want to discuss a project with me please contact me by email at chris{at}DemoRecorder.com. (Please replace “{at}” by “@” in the email adress.)

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DemoRecorder Box
The saying goes:
        “a picture says
more than 1000 words.”

Well, and I'd like to add:
        “a video says
more than 100,000 words.”
DemoRecorder in the Media

A comparison of screencasting apps for Linux (including DemoRecorder)
(first published in Linux Format Magazine, issue July 2009.)

Interview on the Linux Link Tech Show. Please select Episode 154.

DemoRecorder featured in Linux-User Magazine (in German)

Your video can contain sound narration recorded from microphone.
View and listen to the example.
Besides €, US$, £, ..., we also accept

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