"Your answer to Linux Screen Recording,
no matter whether you need it for 24x7-recording of a mission critical system like real-world air traffic control,
or you just want to record yourself playing a game."

For manual recording of demos, educational videos etc:

"The only ScreenRecorder for Linux where you don't need to re-record if you screw up compression settings etc...

... because it uses a lossless master format,
and a postproduction step with compression, scaling etc"


  • Integrated Sound Recording from microphone (which is synchronized with the screen video.)
  • Lossless Master format - Compression and scaling as a postproduction step.
  • Supports multiple video formats in postproduction.
  • Can also record OpenGL 3D animations.

For 24x7 recording of mission critical systems:

Key Features:

  • Optimized for high reliability and small recording files, so that you can archive several months of screen activity easily. (this uses a special recording mode)
  • Achieves the equivalent of high frame rates, such as 100 frames/second, by using a frameless recording technology.
  • Scaling very well for high screen resolutions and multiple screens.
  • And many more features which are specifically useful for 24x7 recording.
  • (Not suited for recording OpenGL and 3D animations.)
Typical areas of application:
  • Air traffic control workstations
  • (Metro) Railway control workstations

If you are interested in using DemoRecorder for 24x7 mission critical recording, please contact the author of DemoRecorder at chris{at}DemoRecorder.com to discuss details of your requirements. (Please replace “{at}” by “@” in the email adress.)

Before you install DemoRecorder for 24x7-recording, please contact support support{at}DemoRecorder.com. Installation requires some special steps which are specific to your system.
The default installation will only provide the manual recording mode which uses another recording technology which generates much larger files than the 24x7 mode.
(see the left column for a description of the manual recording mode.).

Download for Mission Critical 24/7

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